Hi there! I have a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy, and am nearing the end of a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a big fan of existential theory, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, and psychoanalysis. I have been heavily influenced by Albert Camus, Joseph Campbell, C. G. Jung, and Rollo May. I have been reading tarot, studying astrology, numerology, the chakra system, dreams and lucid dreams, healing, and spirituality of all kinds for over a decade. I am particularly interested in the cycles of time and cosmic influences, as well as moon cycles and the menstrual cycle. I am a lover of yoga, meditation, and Eastern philosophy, especially Tibetan Buddhism. I am fascinated by quantum physics and inter-dimensional reality. I am also an advocate for sacred medicine. I love beautiful music, film, and art in general. I am highly intuitive and enjoy spending my time contemplating existence.

Over the course of fifteen years I have garnered much insight and wisdom about ultimate reality, relationships, light energy, dark energy, dreams, and the many layers that make up a human being. I have eagerly studied metaphysics and different healing modalities, and have tried on different philosophies and ideas. For many years I looked up to spiritual women and men, then in 2009 I began to look inside for answers instead. Now my theories and intuitions about existence are based on inner-knowing. I hope that my work and insights help to awaken and encourage others. If every single person on Earth looked inside for answers we’d probably find similar truths, because at center we are all light. At center, we are all one.


Dawn Snow